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Combining an award-winning creative and collaborative approach with technical expertise, JPS design cost-effective, sustainable solutions which enhance both the site and the user experience. Our clients include hospitals, schools, architects, developers, national home builders, local authorities, community groups and charities.
In 2005, a NHS project found that 50% of people that went to care homes never ventured outside again.The fact that so many people in community hospitals and care environments are still denied such simple pleasures as feeding the birds or growing tomatoes is genuinely shocking. Because the positive links between health, well-being and the outdoors are becoming ever more apparent.

The connectivity between memory and activity, between self-worth and purpose, between happiness and community - these central human issues lie at the heart of the design philosophy at JPS. Creating caring landscapes is our fastest-growing sector, as more developers, architects and care home providers are driven to release landscape conditions as part of their planning permission. Councils are undoubtedly waking up to the importance of the surrounding landscape and what developers are proposing to do with it.

With horticultural or ‘green’ therapy growing in popularity over the past few years, we are seeing a dramatic increase in clients looking to develop their landscapes in a more considered way, offering real physical and mental benefits to their residents in the process. At JPS, we want the landscapes we design to be widely used by everyone not just the few keen gardeners. By appealing to residents’ sense of playfulness and curiosity, we hope to draw them outside to engage with the gardens - and each other. Ultimately, a well-designed caring landscape will offer residents a sense of peace, community, contentment, fun - and a breath of fresh air.